June 28, 2007


Gilbert magazine reviews Dulles' A History of Apologetics. Interesting.

Gilbert is one of those magazines that I've been on the cusp of subscribing to for years, without being able to pull the trigger. The other is St. Austin Review, which I believe Joseph Pearce edits.

Update: The Flannery O'Connor blog has been updated.

Update II: Found poem, written by Dan Hawkins:
The Eucharist

We pour addiction like a libation.
The ground, thirstier than we, sucks it dry.
While we have out drunk sand on occasion,
Our thirst is greater than we, which is why
Addiction is the gift we offer.
Our used rag righteousness ain’t enough,
so we give you our emptiness instead,
figuring you hold the bottle. You said,
“I’ll neither leave, nor forsake nor rebuff
The penitent thief or drunkard or whore”
So we lift our glasses in a toast
To the twice struck rock from which water flows.
Drink to the health of one whose blood is wine
That chokes as it quenches, burns going down

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