June 25, 2007


EWTN guy Marcus Grodi recently told the story about the automobile accident that inspired him to go to seminary and give his life completely to God. He was falling asleep while driving a car, very, very tired, but he had to make it to work on time. He asked God to help keep him awake, but he fell asleep anyway and hit a semi-truck going 70mph. Remarkably, he lived through it. And it was as though he had a new life, as if he should have, by all rights, died and so he felt free to give this new life to God. And the interesting line from Grodi was this – he said that he could’ve just said, “Man I was lucky! How lucky am I? I gotta go to Vegas and see if my luck holds.” No, he saw it as from God. And *that* was God working in him – that he was able to see what other people could easily attribute to dumb luck but he saw it through the eyes of faith.

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Interesting commentary on 2 Cor 12:1-10 from A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, on Paul's "other" vision:
We get the impression that he had never mentioned this before, that it was different from other visions and that he had approached as nearly as a living man can to the direct contemplation of God. He was not especially reserved about all visions. He had already told the Corinthians about the one on the road to Damascus. Four others are mentioned in Acts. But here all the signs, especially the strangely ambiguous language, show that he was claiming something far beyond the other visions, an overwhleming experience... In verse 2 'a man': there can be no doubt that he means himself. The date (13 yrs past) would be A.D. 41 or 44, not long after the escape from Damascus.
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St. Pio's prayers were answered early and often and it's hard to think of anyone more deserving given his willingness to suffer and given his true desire to please God. Perhaps in his closeness to God he understood what to pray for. Sometimes it seems a sort of catch-22 to the typical sinner: the answers of prayers feed a desire to please God, but the desire to please God is what triggers the answers to prayers.

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Met a bearded guy my age yesterday who showed me his driver's license when I asked for the spelling of his extremely unusual name. I could see that he carried in his wallet a picture of the Eucharist host. Touching; we might have a picture of our wife or mother or father and he put His best friend, Jesus. Soon to be ordained a deacon in the Ukrainian Catholic church, he spoke with an uncommon wisdom and his evident peacefulness was not always so; years ago he wanted to commit suicide but realized it would crush his mother. He spoke prophetically I thought (since my pastor Fr. Lane has hinted at the same) when he said that he thinks “God is preparing those who take Him seriously for a time of great upheaval”. He said we are in a testing phase where God is strengthening us before the trial to come. I think we live in an age that is far more fragile than we think, and the whole financial house of cards upon which the West depends is as likely as not to fall.

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