December 14, 2007

And the Angels Cried...

...well, angels are non-coporeal beings but you get my jist concerning the following statement from Karen Hall about her Mormon days (part 1, part 2, part 3):
...someone in charge of the "program" (we took turns) would lead about an hour of discussion before we broke out the pizzas and non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages.
Well, the pizza part sounds good anyhow.

But the real story is of course that Karen Hall used to be a Mormon. She was an "Osmond convert" (and now I can't get that song out of my head, you know the one that goes "and they called it...puppy love..."). This was the second Osmond convert story I've come across in my extremely limited reading concerning the LDS.

Karen really didn't like Romney's religion speech, calling it dishonest and manipulative because she says he's "spinning it as if it's no different than him being a Presbyterian." I don't know that I can hold that against him since everyone pretty much tries to make their religion non-threatening to outsiders (even Scientologists I guess). I concede that Karen has forgotten more about Mormonism than I know but I wonder if hers is an overreaction, the same overreaction one finds in ex-Catholics.

Her main objection seems to be that Romney doesn't talk about "Mormon particulars", but let's assume for the sake of argument two things ...: one, his faith is precious to him and two, he doesn't feel qualified to defend it in the context of a political speech. He might've made the decision that it's better for the Mormon faith that he not get into the weeds lest he be a bad apologist for it and do more harm than good. Or he might feel that discussing religion with cynical unbelieving "gotcha" reporters would be throwing "pearls before swine". (Even given that some of what Mormons see as pearls we obviously see as stones.)

She had some great lines in her post (hey, she oughta be a writer! -Oh, that's right, she is!) on the candidates:
Hillary: No one ever said the anti-Christ had to be a male.

Obama: My biggest problem with him, other than all the extremely important issues wherein we disagree, is the fact that if he were a blue-eyed blonde, there's no way in the world anyone would be considering someone with his limited resume as a serious candidate for the presidency. And that strikes me as ... I don't know... racist?

Fred Thompson: Every time I watch him speak, I get visions of him falling asleep in a cabinet meeting.

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