December 13, 2007

Least Popular Bowl Games

Although the proliferation of college football bowl games has primarily been caused by a thirst for revenue, there are some that actually lose money, such as the famous American Standard Toilet Bowl. Here are a few other very unpopular bowl games:

  • The Hairy Bowl

  • The Rapture Bowl - (less than eleven players on a side permitted in case of Rapture)

  • The Bowl Haircut Bowl - (free scissors and bowl to first three hundred visitors)

  • The 99 Cents Wendy's Side Salad Bowl - (with halftime show starring the Croutonette's)

  • The Leftover Soup Bowl

  • The 9-11 Truthers Nutcase Bowl - (free pack of nuts to all ticketholders)

  • The Cafeteria Catholic Bowl (where the fans make up the rules as the game goes along)

  • The Wardrobe Malfunction Bowl

  • The Open Borders Bowl (fans allowed anywhere on the field during the game)

  • The Beat the Whammy Bowl (that's for Kim)

  • The Kosher Pigskin-Free Bowl (now hotdog free!)

  • The I-Bitch-Slapped-My-Ho Bo' (free admission to gangbangers)

  • The Obscure Literary Reference Bowl

  • The Bilbo Baggins Alliteration Bowl

  • The Dyslexic Blow

  • The Old Order Amish Bowl (manual scoreboard, day game, no beer but broasted chicken served family style)

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