June 10, 2008


Day 1 was really hard on us...Every time he would get going, he would just stop pedaling, for some reason, and then fall over, not seeming to grasp the concept that Feet Off Pedals = Fall Over. Day 2 was a little better and Day 3 was magic... It’s all about their little inner selves being okay with the prospect of this new thing and believing that it can be done and that really - not only is it better than the status quo, it’s for the best. Hmm. Life does not change so much, I’m thinking. - Amy Welborn on teaching her son how to ride a bike.

The phenomenon of our need - whatever it may be - calls us back to our dependence, and this is the cue for deepening our awareness of our dependence on God [and so we beg!] - Don Giussani via Fred of "Deep Furrows"

Glory be to God for breaded things—
Catfish, steak finger, pork chop, chicken thigh,
Sliced green tomatoes, pots full to the brim
With french fries, fritters, life-float onion rings,
Hushpuppies, okra golden to the eye,
That in all oils, corn or canola, swim - R.S. Gywnn via "For Keats' Sake"

I'm... Hilary, no, not Hillary of "It Takes A Village" I'm Hilary who MADE a village!!! - blogger at "Long-Skirts" and mother of ten

What is the most overrated social custom? Shaking hands at the Kiss of Peace. Like, either kiss, or leave me alone! LOL BOURGEOIS CHRISTIANITY. - Eve Tushnet

Senator [Obama] then went on to tell reporters that he is currently in the hunt for a new church to attend. "I am currently leaning towards an Amish or any Anabapist congregation. I really like the idea of them not using electricity, especially in their churches. No cell phone cameras, no live streaming of church services and events, no greatest sermons DVDs, and no possibility of something showing up on YouTube seems to be a definite plus for me. Though I am open to other options. So if you are a pastor of a totally non-controversial church please contact my staff." - parody from Jeff of "Curt Jester"

Traducianism, as you know, is the false doctrine that the human soul is produced through generation by the parents rather than directly by God...Almost all of us posit a kind of absence of God where God is indeed present. Whatever we think God is indifferent to, whenever we say, "God doesn't care," whatever we pretend He won't notice -- all that says, "God is not here. God is not involved." All that savors of Traducianism. - Tom of Disputations

Because power corrupts. First of all, get it out of your system: Insert snark about current administration here. I'll likely agree. But this is one basis of my remaining feathers of libertarianism. I see people on the Left correctly identifying various loci of power in the private sector, like corporations, and attempting to use the government to limit that power. First off, I hope we can all keep in mind that corporations give us butter and disco, and for this we should be grateful. But also, isn’t this strategy a bit like the old woman who swallowed the fly? It’s not great to have a fly inside you, but that doesn't mean swallowing a spider is the right response…[And]…because traditions give meaning and beauty to necessary suffering... Tradition, like constraint, is based in relationship. So it should come as no surprise that ideologies of choice and reflexive suspicion of tradition dissolve the social forms that sustain relationships, and leave freedom, relief from the previous form of suffering, banality, and alienation in their place. It's also one of the really insightful points in The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, which is my current reading--I'm on chapter three. The guy's critique of modern alienation is about four hundred times better than his proposed fluffy, "Believe in whatever!" solution, but I still really appreciate that he understands that meaninglessness is worse than pain. - Eve Tushnet, on why she's a conservative

I turn office water coolers into happy hour wine. I actually used that line in a cover letter. - blogger at "Church of Baseball", who lacks not chutzpah

I’d like to see UST’s side of the argument (”We’ve had a lot of problems with these ACS people. Why, last year Dale Ahlquist stripped down into a Speedo, jumped on a table, sang “Mack the Knife,” then smash dishes like he was Johnny Cash circa 1967″). - an unfortunate image from Eric of "The Daily Eudemon", on the University of St. Thomas's decision to crack down on the festivities at a GK Chesterton conference

As I got older, I was never embarrassed to go down the age group ladder. A new Dr. Seuss title? I'm checking it out! A new Beverly Cleary? I'm on it! I think my parents might have been embarrassed, or perhaps just puzzled. "But you're a good reader!" they'd say. "You shouldn't be reading children's books. You could go on the adult side of the library." The problem was that I'd already been there. And the books in the general fiction area seemed pretty uninteresting. Judging from their novels, it seemed that adults were only interested in sex and money. Boring! (I realize now that I was probably just unlucky in my selections.) - Catholic Bibliophagist

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