January 06, 2010

Don't Call 'em Musings

Read long the NBA book, satisfying in that you can read 300 pages as I have and only be half-way done with it. It's a cornucopia, a nearly infinite analgesic. The names alone read like poetry: "Gail Goodrich" "Jerry West" "Nate Tiny Archibald" -- then read a bit again of Simmons' Drood, for contrast's sake.

* * *

There's a near-stranger (neighbor of a distant cousin) who emails me frequently and who is a bit brusque in her denunciations of my genealogical work ethic, but who has nonetheless agreed to phone a 95+ year old distant relative in hopes of finding out something about my great-grandparents. Told her I was a "shy Yankee" (she being from Kentucky and very self-consciously Suthern). Just thought you should know, seeing how five people voted in the poll for diaristic meanderings (don't call 'em musings please).

* * *

Encountered the unexpected help of my fellow man in the church parking lot (he directed me to an empty space). Sporting a scruffy, 3-day beard, he was presumably there to scare away non-church traffic, that is the increasingly heavy load from the nearby community college (which seems to have reached a critical mass, no pun intended, as far as taking up area parking). (Yes, I included this snippet simply for the sake of that pun. How far this blog has fallen, to quote Dylan.)

* * *

The password this time o' year is: "slog". I was relieved not to pick up dinner tonight at the cafe since we're having company tonight and my wife's cooking. It's the little things. I'm surprised by the proximate burden felt by the daily task of acquiring three dinners (two for dinner, one for lunch), securing them in the refrigerator at work and then hoping I remember to take dinners with me before going home. (It's cheaper to bring home good $4 meals from cafe than even to cook, supposedly.) Part of it all may simply be related to my propensity to carry too many things; Lord do I make it hard on myself what with my books, workout equipment, Kindle case, etc. "Schlep" is a good word for what I do, schlep around with all these beast of burdens hanging off my frame such that I relish not having to pack mule it or wait in that extra line for dinner. Don't do as I do.

* * *

Got a lot of brainless work done this morning, ably assisted by the playing of the full Nutcracker Suite on my iPod. Music hath charms... I noticed though that my Mozart discography is lacking; I like Mozart much more now than 10-15 years ago, perhaps because my metabolism has slowed and perhaps in part because the Pope's a fan and I'm perennially under the illusion that some of his charisma will rub off on me via these sorts of things.

* * *

Speaking of, warmed by a Pope Benedict blog called Beggar for Love. Can't recall where I came across it but the host has a good eye for inspiring Benedictian quotes. Sometimes I think 90% of the job of a pope is simply to encourage, to be, crudely, the "encourager-in-chief".

* * *

Speaking of encouragement, heard Fr. Corapi on the commute mention indulgences. Indulgences is another species of hope. Fr. Corapi was initially very disappointed when noting the words of Jesus that "every penny will be paid back," until he learned about indulgences.

I seem to have gotten on Ignatius Press's mailing list as well as Sophia books and these present temptations. The Passion of St. Perpetua particularly so, as well as this book.


Thomas D said...

... to quote dylan's words about his own blog!

Just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't disparaging Video Mel!

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TS said...

That'll work. Betty Duffy mentioned that she hates the word "musings" in a blog title.

BettyDuffy said...

For reasons that should be self evident, I didn't read this post. Just letting you know.

Terrence Berres said...

How about subtopics:
musings, a
musings, be
maybe musings, sh