January 07, 2010

A Visitor from Deutschland

I could blog on politics, or how I subtly missed the boat with respect to Janet Napolitano (I said that her sin was that she said nothing and CYA'd during her first interviews after the failed terrorist attempt when her line 'the system worked' was properly the lede. Her saying the system worked is like Barney Fife saying the system worked when he managed to catch a crook despite himself.)

(Btw, I'll tell you where "the system worked" and it's the fact that Sen. Chris Dodd is retiring due to political unpopularity. It's good to see the folks of Connecticut aren't totally blinded by the usual "he may be a dog, but he's my dog" mentality.)

I could also write about how the sainted Brian Lamb is taking on the D.C. penchant for secrecy. It's so not like him, except that it's non-partisan. I've always liked C-Span because of its countercultural aspect given its unexercised power (unlike, say, reporters who go into the op-ed business). Admittedly C-Span has to play nice since the Congress can ban their cameras, but still...

I could write about how most drivers in Columbus, given dry roads, don't drive crazily. I'd say 99% of the time there's no one really calling attention to himself. But yesterday I was passed by a maniac driving 90-100mph, swerving in and out of traffic, and don't you know it there was a cop by the side of the road and a mile later the guy is pulled over. Justice. That's what freeway cops should be there for, not for pulling over the 69mph'r in a 65 zone.

But how about a diary entry instead, which I call a "journal entry" to give it more heft?

Overcame slogitis, my neologism for laziness, and ran a quick 15 minutes even though my legs were D.O.A. Tis better to workout for longer if less frequently, meaning I should attenuate runs to 30 mins or more.

Then headed home and soon after arrived our German visitor, complete with authentic German accent. I was taken aback immediately by her height. She towered over my 5'11'', standing at least 6ft 2 and I managed to momentarily avoid making any comment on her height. (Americans, it turns out, are considered polite by at least some foreigners, which doesn't fit the stereotype.)

She was dressed suitably Europeanish, with black shoes, black pants, and a maroon sweater over a black turtleneck. Her hair was a blonde mix with dark roots, shortened relative to most womens hair. Her smile very familiar from the German side of my family, reminding me of an aunt. She was quite animated, quite lively & fun. I trotted out my elementary German on her: "Wie geht es ihnen!" but forgot to ask her about a subject of minor fascination to me, the formal address "sie" versus informal "du". Such borderlines interest me. Perhaps it's no different than how we might call someone by the first name or a nickname instead of a more formal address.

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