August 24, 2010

Don't Try This at Home (unless you're Betty Duffy or Bill Luse)

Years ago I decided to try my hand at painting, and so went out and bought some art supplies and went to work, sans instruction. This idea was born of the fact that modern art was so pitiful that it looked like many works were painted by a chimp. And some were. The barriers to entry seemed low.

I have the results of those efforts, prompted by Betty Duffy's real art.

(This, btw, is proof this blog has jumped the shark!)

* * *

I call this "someone left the cake out in the rain". It was painted using only the best oil paints available at Kroger's Grocery store. Circa 1999.

"The Diamond" is a retrospective in the folk art vein asking the question: "What if someone who knew nuthin' about paintin' were to paint a baseball diamond?" Your answer appeareth. It evokes all the playfulness of America's game.

"The Battle of the Sexes" was inspired by the anniversary of the Bobby Riggs v. Billy Jean King match of 1973. It speaks to primal urges using a primary color.

No model was used in the production of this work, believe it or not.

"Risin' Sun, Indiana" looks better in person. Honestly.


BettyDuffy said...

Laughing. Hope that doesn't hurt your feelings.

Thomas D said...

Hey, I kinda like Rising Sun Indiana!

Steven said...

Dear TSO,

Wow! You've inspired me--perhaps I will bless the world with my musical compositions--The first of which--Travesty in F-flat minor for six trombones, sousaphone and triangle, will be out on DVD nearly as soon as I have the sheetmusic ready. I'm sure of it.

By the way, I really like the "McArthur Park" tribute piece--sincerely.



TS said...

Steven, I look forward to "Travesty in F-flat minor" given I'm an old sousaphone player!

I thought this post would get a reaction and all the reactions are equally appreciated, be they laughter or appreciation.

mrsdarwin said...

When is your gallery opening?

TS said...

As soon as you move to Ohio, Mrs. D!

William Luse said...

You're going to be one of those intellectual artists, aren't you?

TS said...

I'd rather paint those bucolic farm scenes that you do so well.

William Luse said...

You can do it. Ain't hard.