August 24, 2010

Hoping to be the Millionth Post on Mosque-gate

I understand if this the one millionth post I'll win an all expenses paid trip to Mecca where I'll be allowed to install a Padre Pio shrine. Just so you'll know that is why I'm posting on such a controversial topic.

Personally I'd like to hear someone say in response to "how far is far enough from GZ" some determinative answer like, 3.5 blocks. It might quiet Chris Matthews for a few seconds.

Another thought: This Imam Rauf may well be a moderate Muslim in the circles he frequents. Like Hillary Clinton at a Netroots convention.

Really it seems bad form for the builders not to be magnanimously withdrawing their plan, but then they ain't English and the world isn't a cricket match. And it does allow the developers to play victim and Lord knows that's a successful strategy.


William Luse said...

One thing I've never figured out: what the phrase "moderate Muslim" is supposed to mean.

TS said...

I hear ya Bill!