August 18, 2010


Jonah Goldberg puts the blame on Mayor Bloomberg, but I think what's lost in the shuffle is that the mosque instigators themselves share some responsibility. As Dennis Miller suggested on O'Reilly last night, what a publicity coup if the mosque developer offered to move the location! That's assuming a publicity coup is desired, which if this is truly about healing and hospitality and moderate Islam then it is. I wonder if we have a condescending bigotry of low expectations concerning the developers of the mosque?

Another interesting thing is O'Reilly said point-blank that the mosque will never get built because no construction workers in NYC would life a finger to build it. Haven't heard that anywhere else. Be interesting to see if that proved true.

It's also interesting to me to note which media figures change their language in response to valid points made by the opposition. For example, some on the right now say, more accurately, "mosque near Ground Zero" rather than "mosque at Ground Zero".

You can see something similar going on on the left when they refer not to "tea baggers" but "tea partiers".

It's a small mark of integrity - but about all we have left! - when a media person is honest enough to concede that the other side has a point and reflects that in their language.

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