May 18, 2011


You want fire in the belly? Newt Gingrich has fire in the belly. Too bad he couldn't have loaned some of that to ol' Mike Huckabee. It might've made Newt more politically viable and Huckster more willing to jump in.

So much fire hath Newt that he'd been planning this run for Prez for years and yet a few days after he announced he shot hisself in the foot by trying to placate seniors in Iowa. Yes, he figured he'd corner the leave-Medicare-untouched part of the political market and thus get a leg up on his competitors. Machiavelli, he.

Usually you run to the right for the primary, and move to the center for the general election. Ol' Newt, too clever by a half, thought he'd try to further granulize the process: go for the older voters for the early primaries, move to the right for the later primaries and then move towards the center for the general. It seems to have caught him by surprise, but being too politically transparent has its risks. Too much political ambition is unseemly, despite it being something of a catch-22: you don't run for POTUS unless you're full of political ambition.

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