May 18, 2011

Short Takes

The weather report reads like a bad parody. The little icons of four days’ worth of local weather on my Google home page are all identically pictured as long knives of rain pouring down. Just like the last couple days in fact. And cold for mid-May! 48 high yesterday, 53 today. Very reactionary weather, a throwback to late March/early April. We’re starting to cut into potentially really good weather given the calendar date and summer feels no obligation to stay around longer despite having arrived later. Still, I sort of like the bad weather pattern because I’m working. I think: “Thank God I didn’t take this week off!” and indeed nothing better suits a day at work than a cold, damp day.

* * *

It occurred to me again the reality that we can’t “earn” Heaven. And the reason is not merely because we aren’t perfect. Even if we were we couldn’t earn Heaven, it seems to me, because nothing we could do during a finite and extremely brief time on earth could be worthy of immortal joy. Think about that: our lives on earth are a blink compared to eternity. What could anyone do with a blink that could be said to have earned eternal joy?

* * *

So the big bossman in these parts is heading trading green acres for a house near Manhattan. Ambitious cuss, he. Going to work in the financial district. Said he’ll be living 30-40 miles north of work. I’m vicariously excited for him. The heart of it all! The belly of the capitalist beast! I google his new location and am there, on google road map, and I can see the towering buildings, the sun glinting in through the canyons. The cost of living is surreal there so I’m wondering if he’s factored that in. He’s one of those guys I somewhat misread. Short & mild-mannered, he had that Napoleon complex for willingness to gratuitously end careers without a shred of pity.

* * *

My mom thinks the Old Testament is full of cruel happenstances and a cruel God, but funny I find my greatest comfort in the verse in the OT, IS 54:5, that goes, “Your maker is your husband!” and the least comfort in the NT verse that goes, “Not everyone who says, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom!” Just goes to show how perspectives can differ.

* * *

My tendency is to think Jesus was recreating the whole of salvation history in his life and that the Old Testament was reflected in the days up to his Passion & Resurrection, the New Testament reflected in the Resurrection life.

* * *

Finally succumbed and bought an iPad. I could seemingly justify it by the greater portability of the word processor, the ‘easier on the eyes’ web-surfing (compared to the little iPod). I see it as a replacement of the slightly cumbersome netbook and partial replacement of the iPod. I plan on giving it a solid week or two trial to see if it makes sense and truly does replace the heavier netbook. If not, I can always send it back. Ergonomically speaking, the touch screen is a nice touch. And it’ll go easier on my shoulder and allow greater room in the European shoulder bag that I carry the Kindle & netbook in.

* * *

After the glow of Sunday Mass - the homilist reminded us that our chances of safety are much better as sheep being part of a community - Buddy the German Shepherd (not Good Shepherd) and I headed on the heels of “Alleluia, Sons and Daughters” to the environs of the local metro park. I expected few fellow hikers given the chill and damp but alas there was little privacy and, what’s much worse, a fellow dog-walker. That resulted in a Buddy eruption that was historic. It lasted thirty seconds, perhaps a minute, but he gave me a battle and ripped my church pants like they were made of paper, and removed the skin from my left knee, causing it to bleed into the already ruined green khaki. What I’d hoped was a peaceful sojourn into the wilds of the park to see the grazing bison (caught sight of them, though they were afar), I was left with adrenalin pumping and a pain in the knee literally, ass metaphorically.

* * *

I've heard the John Jay study on priestly abuse of minors cost something like $1.8 million. Oy vey, a study to find out why sin exists. Good luck with that. Funny, the Pope (then Cardinal Ratzinger) already called the scandal the result of a lack of faith.

Catholic Sensibility writes, "This study won’t help the rehabilitation. It will spark new outrage. And even among those of us loyal to the Church, we will wonder what bombshell is next."


Steven said...

Dear TSO,

And you've basically made your Kindle obsolete--because you install the Kindle app (along with about 16 other really neat book apps) and you'll have everything you need for your Kindle. I gave mine to my wife because I use the one on the iPad--bigger screen--I can read in the dark, and it has the same functionality in a more easily deployed mode.

Congratulations--you also lightened (though not by much) your bookbag (when you take the Kindle out--over all you added about 2 lbs. But then--what do you need a netbook for now that you have iPad--think you may have made lots o' room for your stuff!



TS said...

Hey Steven, yeah I suspect the Kindle will get less work, though I do like being able to read the e-ink screen in the sun.

Hopefully my netbook will get so little use that I can sell it on and recoup half the money I spent on the iPad!

William Luse said...

Are you saying your dog bit you or dragged you to the ground?

TS said...

Oh, yeah, he dragged me to the ground what with his ferocious barking and pulling.

Ellyn said...

The iPad is much easier for watching movies than the iPod. Or maybe it's just my eyes.

I played with my sister's Kindle over the week-end. My resistance is breaking down...

TS said...

I never thought of myself as a gadget guy, and susceptible to this sort of stuff, but it seems I'm not so impervious...