May 08, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

A royal warmth exudeth, the likes of which rarely seen in these parts. It’s 70 degrees, full sun and no wind and it feels hot out, enough to find me scurrying around looking for the backporch sunbrella. It’s MIA, so I drink beer quickly so that it won’t get too warm too fast.

There’s a huge offensive line of clouds overhead but the sun is in the far western sky now and has avoided them all, like a successful broken-field runner. It seems odd to have so many clouds in the sky with such long-lasting full sunshine.

The hammock lay a short distance away, with those exotic white lines (rope strings) all converging on the ring that hooks to the pole. It conjures up half-remembered scenes of British colonial India, as well as the O’Connor title: “Everything That Rises Must Converge”. The stunning white ropelets sing against the light green foliage of the burning bushes. I feel a great sense of well-being in this maiden sun overlooking the sublime, reclined hammock. I have a hunger to read something Asian, such as “Old Town’ by Chi Tsu Tong (made up name since I can’t recall the author’s). It’s funny how it doesn’t take the Grand Canyon to satisfy my lust for the natural, but just a tiny corner of solitude flanked by all manner of green living things. It reminds me of that childhood space, under the stairs with a book and a candle. Needing only a book, a 25-cent candle and I was set for who knows how long. I stored books under there like semi-buried treasures.

I throw caution to the winds, my belly to the wolves, by drinking another beer. A day like today, after the long parade of Soviet-issued grey days, deserves a bit of celebration. The week impends also, a sobering deluge of routine and requests and so I drink now under the tree-spackled sun and pretend the workweek is done.

* * *

Brother-in-law Bud is the most likable guy on the planet. Really. I can’t help but think the hard worker in him is part of what makes him so likable. A hard-worker is humble, and the humble are likable. Now of course there is the nakedly ambitious worker who isn’t humble, but I’m thinking of one good at his job not for the reasons of advancement or credit. Sort of like the Christian who isn’t in it for Heaven, but for He who lives in Heaven.

* * *

My lust for object de technologie still rears its head, ugly or otherwise. What I’m really looking for is a word processor I can use in the sun (they call this pencil and paper in the olden times) but now I find I’m hungry for an expensive alternative. I’m guessing it has to be a 9 inch tablet with e-ink, something that doesn’t exist yet. Amazon is said to be working on a 6-inch tablet that can be used in the sun but I think that’s going to be too small a keyboard. I am to gadgets what Bud is to movies and camping.

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