May 04, 2011

Your Daily Weather Report

Downright cold today. “March, what have you done with fair May?” Locked her up in a closet somewhere south of here apparently. My slogan about never having to wear a coat in May seemed somewhat tested by the 53 degrees plus wind. And the rain? Omni-present in a way heretofore scarcely imagined. It’s rained so much and so long that now we’re seeing the grand-raindrops and great-grandraindrops of earlier rains.Not since the days of Noah has the phrase, “Not since the days of Noah” been so oft used. Suburbanites have been racing to cut the grass in the ten minute increments of non-rain. The sky has been so full of stationary clouds that a screensaver has been activated to prevent sky phosphor burn-in.

So the “two-month rule” has certainly applied. This is the general rule that on any given day the temperature is not likely to deviate more than the characteristic weather two months prior to two months later. What’s weird here is the consecutive day streak in which the weather is more characteristic of March or early April.

* * *

Immensely enjoyed the morning half-hour read, this time the beginning of a biography of Chesterton by William Oddie. Few things give me as much pleasure as reading something compelling in the utter silence and comfort of the bookroom light. For one thing, there’s the scarcity principle: I have a limited number of minutes which therefore makes them precious. Then too I love learning something interesting, and it’s very interesting to me that his “Wild Knight” poetry collection was thought by some to be “too dark” such that one reviewer said he needed to read Walt Whitman and let his lightness lift him. And he eventually did.

* * *

Been considering the great issues of our time - such as how many tickets to purchase in a “Win an iPad!” contest at work. The great piece of missing data is how many people have bought tickets but it seems likely that at least thirty people have purchased an average of 2 tickets each. That’s 60 tickets outstanding. How many tickets do I need to buy to give myself a decent chance to win, while not paying more than 50% of the actual cost of an iPad? I think it’d be cool to have a 40% chance (that’s better than you get in some Vegas games). That would mean 40 tickets (then I’d hold 40 of 100 outstanding). It’s 3 for $10, so that means $130-ish. Too pricey but relative to the price of an iPad not terrible. But 40% is no guarantee at all.

* * * *

Some pragrant (prayer + fragrant) insights yesterday. In the gospel Philip says, "Master, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us." How similar to the lament, "Jesus, show me yourself, and that will be enough for me." But Jesus refused to show Philip the Father, saying that "if you've seen me, you've seen the Father." And likewise if we've seen the saints, the poor, the wretched, we've seen something of Christ.

Then a line from Morning Prayer goes, "So I gaze on you in the sanctuary / to see your strength and your glory." And I thought the strength was well-represented by the crucifix in every sanctuary, by his dying for us and having the courage and strength to endure it. And I thought his glory represented by the Eucharist in every tabernacle, which is not his human body but the Resurrected body.

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