September 30, 2011

Double-Paw'd Drinker

And there he really might remain for ever, but that his vagrom spirit is called back to earth by a gentle but resistless, very human summons,—a gradual, consuming, Pantagruelian, god-like, thirst: a thirst to thank Heaven on. So, with a sigh half of regret, half of anticipation, he bends his solitary steps towards the nearest inn. Tobacco for one is good; to commune with oneself and be still is truest wisdom; but beer is a thing of deity—beer is divine.

- Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932), Pagan Papers (London: John Lane, 1898), pp. 48-51
From here, for today's Beer Friday post:

(Arthur Rackham illustration for Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows)

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