December 07, 2012

Bond, James Bond

Bill O'Reilly on Bonds of old and new:
Now we live in a new age, and we have a different James Bond: Daniel Craig. He's a much more sensitive soul than Sean Connery. In the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, Craig rarely smiles, goes about his business with grim determination, and looks like he's in the gym quite often. While Connery spent his spare time chasing ladies and drinking martinis, Craig is apparently training for the triathlon.

However, the biggest difference between Connery and Craig is that old Sean seemed to be having fun racing around the world doing the bidding of the British government. Craig does not seem to be having a lot of laughs. In fact, Craig is a major brooder - and so is his boss, Judi Dench. Watching these two have a conversation is like watching Dr. Phil yell at some guy who just abandoned his family.

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