January 09, 2013

Journal App & the Sad Fate of ND at the BCS

Wasted last night obsessed again with finding out why anyone would consider the iPad journal app called Day One given that you can't export your whole journal to a text file. (Ironic that because I'm one who is considering it.) Seems like you're totally locked into the app. Oh sure you can have your entries backed up on Dropbox, but they are stored as individual files (per entry) and thus if you want to ever get them into, say, a Word document or another journal you'd have to cut and paste the entries individually.

I've been thinking how little I get out of my past journals simply for their inaccessibility. I have only the last 13-14 months on the iPad which are definitionally uninteresting by virtue of being too recent. I have another couple years on Google docs, and then all the previous years on two separate ginormous Word documents. I'd love to have a clean way to search for anything. I suspect the ultimate goal would be to get all entries on an iPad app, if an app would even handle that sort of amount of data. I don't like the lack of “talkativeness” between iPad apps and the web - hence the ability to export the whole journal to a text file seems critical. Day One will eventually have the ability to export to a PDF, but PDFs seem fairly unusable except for printing purposes. Plus I'm not sure how to password-protect a pdf.

The sweet things about digital journals are the password protection feature and the searchability.


Watched the so-called National Championship Monday night. One could be forgiven for thinking it a pre-Sec tune-up for Alabama. It was as engrossing as watching a high school team play a college team. Only about 20 minute of football enjoyment out of a swiftly foreordained outcome. Brent Musburger got in trouble for pointing out the obvious, that the Alabama QBs girlfriend was beautiful. Who knew that one could get in trouble for such things? ESPN apologized. And Lino Rulli said Musburger was treating this girl as an “object” despite Lino's frequent assertions of so and so being a “handsome woman”. Apparently handsome is the preferred adjective.

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