January 22, 2013


From Joe Queenan's book about books:
“I am of Irish descent, and to the Irish, books are as natural and inevitable a feature of the landscape as sand is to Tuaregs. When the English stormed the Emerald Isle under Cromwell in the seventeeth century, they took everything that was worth taking and burned everything else. Thereafter, the Irish had no land, no money, no future. That left them with words, and words became books, and books, ingeniously coupled with music and alcohol, enabled the Irish to transcend reality.”
“No matter what they profess to believe, no matter what they may tell themselves, most book lovers do not read primarily to obtain information or to while away time or to better themselves or even, in the words of C.S. Lewis, to know that they are not alone. They read to escape to a more exciting, rewarding world…I am convinced that this desire to escape from reality - on a daily, even an hourly, basis - is the main reason people read books.”

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