February 19, 2013


Nice to be able to share spousal cruise pictures with each other via the automagic of Dropbox. So nice today to see those images captured from the underwater world of fish and coral.

Man but THE moment of the cruise might well have been that Saturday morning on Paradise Beach with the whole day ahead and the sun so sterling that I actually steered us towards the umbrellas. Oh but what a refreshing moment that was, as was the whole cruise. The joy of anticipation. The knock-knock on the door in the mornings bringing liters of coffee and trays of food. Oh for those moments settled in the chairs on the top deck. And oh what a painful feeling of loss I feel now! Oh to have those magic waters rolling below me again, or be sipping a beer while listening to that Mexican jazz band in the quiet Olive or Twist bar, memories so plangent now for their brevity. The insouciant carefree days of godlike sun, the sweet Kindle profferings of ancient Homer and modern Melville, the feeling anything could happen on that page, or on that stage, or with that drink. The expertise of cooks and comedians skilled at making you glad. Oh where but on a cruise do you eat at a fine restaurant every night, see live entertainment every night, drink in the sun listening to a reggae band and occasionally explore a port of call? For a midwinter Midwesterner it's surely a glam life.

Even some of the pictures, blown up on iPad, do give me some feeling of being there - which is rare for photographs, really. Most of the time they don't do it justice. I'm amused by how enraptured I am by some of the little touches on board - most especially the rich, smooth wood railings along the balcony. No wonder I stood there looking out at the sea for so long. I couldn't get over the astonishing sight of such colorful ocean juxtaposed against that white ship and wood railings, enjoying that atavistic thrill of being suspended directly above the ocean blue.


Tears of Jesus said...

I'm standing by my window looking at 3 inches of snow......then this picture warms me up!! I could use a cruise right now lol:)

TS said...

Ha, I'll have to relive this right now sine I just shoveled a half a foot of snow off my driveway! Snow in March seems so...gratuitous!