April 25, 2021

We Only Taste Death

Good homily heard online:

“What does Jesus that we eat the bread of life and not die? After all, we who receive the Eucharist do indeed die. And elsewhere Jesus says we must die in imitation of him who died for us (“truly unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies it remains alone else it bears much fruit”). So what does he mean? He means that after his Resurrection - because of his Resurrection - the very meaning of death has changed.  For those in Christ death is no longer death, the way it used to be. Those who have eaten sacramentally in faith, hope and love no longer die in the way that Adam died. No, we die in the way the new Adam died. 

"I think we get a little hint of this earlier in the gospel when Jesus predicts the Transfiguration: ‘truly I say to you there are some standing here who will not taste death until the Son of Man comes in his Kingdom.”  

“He says, ‘taste death’. This is significant way of putting it. After the Resurrection death is something that we only taste, just taste. It’s not something that persists. Whoever believes has eternal life - not “will have”. “Has” eternal life. We have eternal life. His risen life is even now our risen life, in mystery, in a hidden way. And that makes all the difference when we approach death. It’s something that we pass through. It’s something that we only taste.”

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