May 05, 2021

Arizona Audit

The post-election reaction to election integrity is much of the "the lady doth protest too much" variety. It's laughable that the audit was opposed by a team of 73 lawyers. The county and state are spending more on attorney fees than the audit itself. 

There's no better example of how we're really only a country on paper at this point, symbolized a few years ago by our failure to even agree on body posture during the national anthem but now demonstrated on a much more significant front. 

To paraphrase Jonah Goldberg, who was tweeting against MTG and Gaetz: If you're more upset, appalled or concerned about people questioning voting machines than with machine's actual code and security, then you should get up from the table and splash some water on your face.

It’s sad that voting integrity has gotten so politicized that even a drop in the bucket ($150k) is seen as a scandalous misuse of funds.  On the contrary, every dollar spent towards trying to pry open the “black box” that is our crap voting system is a good thing. If amateurs and bumblers have to do it, like the Cyber Ninjas, that is not a mark against them but against the ridiculous response by folks like Goldberg's Dispatch to the honest inquiry that made the audit necessary. 

Even if you believe there is no fraud, how can we avoid the appearance of the possibility of that when our voting system is controlled by two private companies? There is oversight, of course, but it still centralizes our voting system to an unhealthy degree. 

It’s sickening that the concerns of tens of millions of Americans are so discounted that even the proposal to wean ourselves from voting machines and to go back to paper ballots is seen as crazy conspiracy thought.  The lack of curiosity is especially stunning given that Senators from both sides of the aisle have expressed grave concerns about voting machines (see Warren and Klobuchar, who did yeoman service pre-2020). 

The Dispatch hit piece on the 'Zona audit was almost information-free other than “trust the experts”.  That ship has sailed. As Eric Coomer’s Instagram handle went: “HiddenInPlainSightForAllToSee".

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