June 12, 2021

Motive, Means, Opportunity

 Michael Brendan Daugherty says with conviction: “it was a secure election” if tellingly adding, “...the results were as expected.”  As if the “expected” results should be the criteria on fraud. 

Election fraud is one of those things where any given single data item taken alone may not stand. (Of course, there are claims of murder weapon equivalents which, if the elites would be interested could prove...interesting.) 

The circumstantial evidence is that you have:

... a very unpopular president with nearly all elites but most especially those with business interests in China and our internal spy agencies. You also have an actor in head of security at Dominion who was fervently anti-Trump. (Motive.) 

You have the means, the tools and methods. This was shown by how voting machines are connected to the Internet, by the adjudication system, and by the lack of ballot control and oversight. 

You have the opportunity, an election in which a few counties in a few swing states would determine the outcome. 

There's also the blemished history: the spy agencies actively engaging in the Russia collusion hoax with key FBI promising to take care of Trump, you have language like that echoed by Eric Coomer of Dominion pre-2020, you have voting stopping in the middle of the night in several states which was what was done in other countries in the past during rigs, you have the voting technology that has been used in other countries in nefarious ways. 

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