June 10, 2021

Peggy Noonan's Comic Column

If you want a parody of how insular and willfully blind an elite columnist can be, look no farther than Peggy Noonan.

Her latest is titled Why We Can't Move On from Jan. 6 which starts the ball rolling with this self-refuting laugher: 

"The only thing that can stop it is true facts independently developed and presented with respect—and receipts. [Yes! Yes! Preach it Peggy!] How did 1/6 happen, who was behind it..."[Uh, but, not the root cause, 11/2!?]

Her amazingly oxymoronic take is people who want election security have "given up on democracy".

No, the folks who have given up on democracy are those incurious about its underpinning, election security. Clear up 11/2 anxieties with “true facts” and you’ll clear up 1/6. 

Her mindset is in tune with the folks at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook: do not look closely under the rock of electronic voting systems but instead focus on killing the funding and speech of the costumed 1/6 crazies. 

What I’d give for a Noonan deep dive into Matt DePerno’s case. Or for Noonan to call Sens Klobuchar, Warren and the makers of HBO docu “Kill Chain” grifters (because what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?)

Noonan may well be of the Cokie Roberts school of pragmatism, seeing corruption as the price for order. Roberts always amazed me that as a Catholic she could support pro-abort Democrats because, well, corruption (even death for babies) is the price of order and the welfare of the poor.  Perhaps Noonan would prefer to live under a regime of a potentially illegitimate president, like the Tories during the American Revolution.  That's fine, but be transparent about it. 

Or perhaps she's feeling guilty of her Irish forebears who voted for whiskey and thinks it's no different when Dominion rigs an election if they can do it without leaving tracks. 

A big reveal came at the column's beginning when she discussed her hyper concern for how the Euro elites see her, oops, I mean us.  She was celebrating New Years' Eve with a European diplomat and they shrugged in mutual disbelief at Americans acting, well, like Americans, ie. lovers of freedom who were willing to question the authority and competency of "experts" who assured us our election was safe. 

And we can't have American peasants acting up around our betters, can we? 

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