January 19, 2022

Ray Epps and the Life of Reilly

Kind of humorous how the “Where’s Ray Epps?” meme has gotten the attention of the bad guys (FBI and 1/6 committee).   The committee said, “oh, don’t worry about him, we talked to him back in November. Nothing to see here.”. Then with amazing speed a week later they reversed course and now Friday they’ll be speaking with him on the record.  As if that would happen without the rightwing laughter at their inattention. 

Epps is said to have called the FBI on his own on 1/8/2020 and the FBI was satisfied he was a good guy and they’d merely “forgotten” to take him off the Most Wanted list for six months -- that is until a week the Revolver story on Epps. 

You get the impression they’re all just winging it, just throwing a ton of lies out and seeing what will stick and what they’ll have to “massage”.  

The DOJ  also felt called upon to charge someone, anyone, with a crime higher than the small charges they’ve come up with so they went with “sedition” on an Oath Keeper after letting him run free for a year.  Quite the delayed reaction, especially given the enormous resources being expended on 1/6. 

I’m sure the government wants to make an example of the 1/6rs, a shown of power.  But it really shows weakness, just the pathetic actions of a bully against folks without money or decent legal representation.  

We’re also getting a window on part of why they’ve dragged their feet for so long - -they don’t want all the video evidence coming out to show the Feds were involved. An Ashli Babbitt video surfaced showing her chatting with police and trying to calm other protestors. 

As journalist (former National Review'r) Julie Kelly wrote today:

"As more people slowly accept the idea that January 6 was an inside job, they want Republicans to investigate the truth when they take the House this year. None thinks this Republican leadership will do it. That’s a huge problem.”


Civil wars rarely happen in aging societies so I suppose we’re all going to be together like it or not.  But the hope is what Joe Oltmann said the other day: 

“They said we are headed to a civil war. I would argue we are headed to a great reckoning of recognizing our leadership is the enemy, not fellow Americans.”

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