January 18, 2022

The Sharing Miracle at Cana

The gospel about the wedding at Cana must be especially mysterious given how many homilists have missed the whole point of it.  As a priest on Twitter wrote:

It’s one thing to say that Yahweh is Lord, the God who will free us from our enemies and lead us to the promised land. But it’s really something else to read the most mystical and erotic of books in the Old Testament, the Song of Songs, a long poem of romantic discourse between a groom and his bride, and believe it is rally to be about God’s love for Israel.

Not a book for children, this one. But a book for lovers, which is why it is in the Bible. Which is why saints and mystics over the years have judged it to be full of some of the greatest words in all of Scripture. 

The Miracle of the Wedding of Cana is not so much about thirst or party planning, but about the faithfulness of the bridegroom... We begin to realize: there is another wedding being alluded to here... when Jesus’ hour arrives and he offers his body and blood for his bride. 


Hmm.... so the miracle at Cana wasn’t just a lot of folks sharing from the wine flasks they had in their cloaks?  Asking for a friend. 

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