January 14, 2022

The Great Winnowing

I must be extremely naive because here is a list of people I've trusted in the past: 

---Dr Fauci in 2020, our likable trustworthy uncle. 

---Joe Biden, in 2020, whom I’d trusted to be a sane, moderate president.  

---Dr Francis Collins at NIH, a professing Christian. 

          ---George W. Bush on WMDs in 2003 and to not call Republicans terrorists in 2020. 

          ---Dick Cheney in 2000, who I thought was a wise and experienced leader. (Ha!) 

          ---The modern FBI - after Hoover left. 

---The crew at National Review, where I’d been a subscriber for two decades but no more. Particularly Rich Lowry, under whose editorship there was not a debunking of election fraud (which would’ve been helpful to sort the wheat from chaff) but utter indifference. Similarly a lack of outrage over the criminals in our government with 1/6 and the rioters. (Same with Jonah Goldberg & David French.)

Some serious egg on my face.  

Other shocks: 

---James Comey and Robert Mueller who, without a smidgeon of shame tried to ruin Trump’s presidency.  

---The FBI who now has entered the game of enticing and entrapping rioters for fun and profit and spies on its citizens including journalists like Tucker Carlson.  

---Dominion Voting, a company responsible for nearly a third of our voting, cared so little about democracy and vetting their security chief that they hired a psychopath and antifa member. 

---The stunning refusal of Maricopa county to comply with subpoenas which directed them to provide routers to ascertain vote fraud. Similarly, ballot images, election related databases, result files, and log files were deleted just before being handed over. 

          ---The January 6th committee: you'd need an electron microscope to find any credibility therein.  

---Pope Francis, overseeing a church that is falling apart, goes out of his way to crush the Latin Mass. 

But there be heroes: 

---The heroism of folks like Eric Metaxas, Mike Lindell, Joe Oltmann and Lin Wood who gave up their professional reputations and much of their current earning potential in order to exercise their first amendment rights. 

---The stellar investigative reporting from Julie Kelly and others on 1/6. 

---The inspiring concern of Matt Braynard towards the political prisoners held in D.C.

---The courage of President Trump in not meekly accepting the double-standard that applies to all conservatives, up to and including not accepting election results, something Gore, Clinton, Abrahms and many others on the left have done in the past. 

---The many parents who have run for school board or gone to school board meetings to speak.  

          ---Priests who held masses and heard confessions during covid lockdowns. 

---The countless hours spent by so many volunteers in attempting to do a forensic audit in Arizona.  

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