December 20, 2012

I Smell a Rat least two Ignatius Press books, including:
The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton by Dale Ahlquist


The Splendors of the Rosary
....are not available on except after a delay of weeks. (I'd ordered the Splendors book on Dec 7th and still haven't received it and the estimated ship date for "The Complete Thinker" is into mid-January.)

Ignatius Press is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. My purchases were meant to be gift books for Christmas but now I won't purchase the Alquist. (Did purchase the Rosary book through Ignatius Press website, which falls right into their hands I suppose.)


Banshee said...

To be fair, my understanding is that Ignatius is run out of what's basically an old house, and shipping from there to Amazon is bound to have its ups and downs. Also, my understanding is that their printers don't work exclusively for Ignatius, and so Ignatius has to jostle for printing space with other publishers' schedules.

If this was Random Penguin, I'd expect a lot more in timeliness. From a small press like Ignatius, I expect delays.

TS said...

Thanks Maureen, perhaps my judgment was rash there. Certainly wouldn't b ethe first time. Another mystery for me is why IP chose to publish the Scott Hahn study bible in individual titles instead of collecting them all as either New Testament alone or full Bible alone. Seems unusual to say the least.

Amy Welborn said...

I am not sure. Our Be Saints book has been available on Amazon with a 1-3 delay in shipping since it was published a couple of months ago. Ignatius was very slow to associate with Amazon - for years they didn't ship through Amazon, and when they did get on board it seemed fine to me. But this is kind of weird.